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At Boardwalk you will enjoy resort style student living with the privacy and comfortable lifestyle you deserve! Boardwalk offers a great location close to the University of South Florida, private bedrooms and bathrooms in our 4 bedroom/4 bath, fully furnished suites, all inclusive individual leases and extensive resort style amenities.

When the lessee signs the lease that person and the guarantor are only responsible for their own payment. There is NO joint and several liability for a roommate. A student should NEVER sign a lease taking responsibility to guarantee and pay the lease for a roommate if the roommate decides to skip.

The other characteristic that distinguishes student apartments is the all inclusive lease. This means one lease payment pays the electric, water, garbage fee, pest control, cable television, high speed broadband and furniture. This saves money because these items are purchased in bulk and are included in the lease for less than what they would cost if purchased individually. Most important of all this eliminates the problem of roommates each paying for a different utility or service and then dividing the costs up and reimbursing one another. Typically one roommate has to put up the deposit, take the service in their own name and assumes personal responsibility for all the charges on the bill. It also eliminates the hastle of reviewing a bill for accuracy and writing individual checks each month.

Unlike a dormitory where bathrooms may be shared or conventional apartments where bedrooms may vary greatly in size and services might only be available in the living room common area in student apartments all bedrooms are substantially the same size, each bedroom has its own attached private bathroom that is shared with no one. In addition it includes your own private high speed broadband, cable television and even your own private mailbox.